About Garde

Garde is a film production company created by Cristina Hergueta, based in Cácares, with physical presences in Madrid and Seville, as well as online anywhere where beautiful films are produced with care.

We believe in an artesanal cinema, which requires time and care on the part of the whole team, and in which we can enjoy to the fullest the process of creation. As well as carying out our own productions, we offer production services to films that share our values.

Currently we are immersed in developing the multidisiplinary project 'Esto no es una poesía', the production of the films 'Il rumore dell'unvirso' by Gabriel Azorín and 'Project Motherhood' by Lea Hanzelova and Michal Babinec, as well as the distribution of 'Los inocenetes' by Guillermo Benet, and 'Gorria' by Maddi Barber.

About Cristina Hergueta

A specialist in the production of auteur cinema, both fiction and non-fiction. Her productions include "Pueblo" by Elena López Riera, "Nosotros" by Felipe Vara del Rey, and "Meseta" by Juan Palacios, among others. Her films have featured at festivals all over the world, such as the Cannes Directors' Fortnight, San Sebastián Festival, CPH:DOX and Visions du Réel.

In 2020 she has been selected to participate in the Berlinale Talents program, from the Berlin International Film Festival

She currently works as a production manager and executive producer for various production companies, as well as developing her own projects with Garde, her own production company.

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