Entrails, a flock of sheep, a spring. A murmor of pigeons and songs sung with a closed mouth. Some vultures, bones, flowers, and many hands: Hands that feed, milk, stroke and shear, hands that film, and hands that kill. Hands that inhabit doubt and contradiction in the management of other species.

General Information

International title: "Red"
Length: 22 minutes
Year: 2020
Production companies: Piernaika and Garde
Original format: 16mm
Screening format: DCP

Direction, script and DoP: Maddi Barber
Producers: Cristina Hergueta and Maddi Barber
Editor: Mirari Echávarri, Gerard Ortín and Maddi Barber
Sound design: Xanti Salvador
Colour: Alfredo Ruiz
Digitization: Alfredo Ruiz, Nerea Ganzarain, Irati Cano, Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola

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