Los Inocentes


The police bust a concert at a squat and an officer dies during the riots that follow. A rock bursts his head. Who threw that rock? Who knows about it? Why don’t they speak up? This is the story of those who live knowing the answer. It is the story of their silence, their fear and their guilt.

General Information

International title:"The Blameless"
Length: 100 minutes
Year: 2020
Production companies: Vermut Films, Garde and Tasio
Format: DCP, Color, 1:1
Language: Castellano
Cast: Pablo Gómez-Pando, Violeta Orgaz, Pilar Bergés, Raúl de la Torre, Susana Abaitua, Olvia Delcán
Director: Guillermo Benet
Script: Rafa Alberola and Guillermo Benet
Producers: Cristina Hergueta, Guillermo Benet, Rafa Alberola and Tasio
DoP: Giuseppe Truppi
Editor: Perig Guinamant
Sound: Roberto Fernández and Óscar Vincentelli
Art Director: Laura Juarez
Make-up: Marta Fernández and Marta Urrea
Music: Troia
Design: Jimena Merino

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