At Garde, as well as producing our own films, we also provide production services for other producers and businesses:

Executive production, Production management, Budgeting from script, project development, production consultancy, film workshops, and development of marketing and distribution plans. We also offer production services for foreign companies.

We are a regular collaborator of Doxa Productions, here are some of the films on which we have collaborated on production duties:

‘Karen’. 2020. Dirigida por María Pérez Sanz. Producida por redantfilms y Obra La Belleza
‘Fantasia’. 2020. Dirigida por Aitor Merino. Producida por Doxa Producciones.
‘Meseta’. 2019. Dirigida por Juan Palacios. Producida por Doxa Producciones y Jabuba Films.
 ‘592 metroz goiti’. 2018. Dirigida por Maddi Barber. Producida por Doxa Producciones

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